Useful Links

Written by Tom Gorman

This section contains useful links to collaborators, friends of the project and other telepresence enabled arts projects, technologies and working/groups/events. We will regularly update with new external projects.

  • https://npapws.orgNetwork Performing Arts Production Workshop. The Network Performing Arts Production Workshop (NPAPW) is an annual workshop hosted in a rotating city of Europe and the United States of America. It is a single track workshop in which attendees learn about technologies utilizing advanced networks to enable arts instruction and performance, experience master classes and live performances leveraging these technologies, and meet the colleagues and representatives from institutions advancing this realm of work. This website has details of upcoming workshops, learning materials and links to panels, talks and performances from past workshops.
Setting up for a Multi Site performance in Copenhagen 2017
  • Nordic Centre for Digital Presence (NCDP). NCDP is a work group developing a Nordic network for remote presence by deploying new technologies and methods. It provides members with know-how and support on the remote low latency format. At present 130+ Nordic organisations of cultural and music education have joined NCDP. Recently Coventry University has acquired NCDP spec-approved hardware and is (at the moment) the only UK university in the network.
Bridging the Gap 2016
  • Tele-Encounters. – “Tele-Encounters” is an artistic research platform aiming to explore family relationships within the context of migration and to contribute to the development of telepresence (technologically mediated presence) as an artistic idiom. This was a fascinating project conducted between Romania, Spain and Portugal using GoogleHangouts and high speed networking. The site contains links to research materials and documentation/video material on the performance and rehearsal of ‘The Planet of Lost Dreams.
Planet of Lost Dreams
  • https://lola.conts.itLoLa. LoLa (Low Latency Audio) is a low latency, high quality audio/video transmission system for network musical performances and interaction developed by Conservatorio di Musica “Giuseppe Tartini” from Trieste (Italy) in collaboration with GARR, the Italian Research and Academic Network. The LoLa project aims to enable real time musical performances where musicians are physically located in remote sites, connected by advanced network services, like the ones provided by the NRENs and GEANT and other International backbones. LoLa provides a tool which permits musicians to perform many more rehearsals before a concert, for example, giving them much more time to refine the performance before they join together for the event; they can engage in MasterClasses teaching students around the world even when they are located in distant sites, including the ability to perform together with the student during the lesson, and enabling many more students to participate without the need of travel; they can take part in recording sessions without the need to travel to the recording studio.
LoLa Performance
  • http://www.ultragrid.czUltragrid. UltraGrid from Laboratory of Advanced Networking Technologies (SITOLA) is a software implementation of high-quality low-latency video and audio transmissions using commodity PC and Mac hardware. UltraGrid uses uncompressed or very low compression-ratio streams to achieve up to 8K resolution with as low as 100ms end-to-end latency. UltraGrid is used, among others in areas like collaborative environments, medical cinematography, broadcasting application and various educational activities.
Ultragrid Performance Prague 2019
  • net:art is a new contemporary, interdisciplinary art form that poses huge demands. Connecting artists who are located on different stages around the world, enabling them to interact audiovisually within milliseconds – live, in real time. This project, based in Austria has created and curated a number of groundbreaking multidisciplinary pieces fusing art, music and dance using advanced networks.
net:art Near In the Distance Brucknerhaus Linz on 1 June, 2017
  • http://studiobiscoe.comStudio Biscoe. Studio Biscoe creates art, interactions and visualisations across theatre, dance, music and installation. They work with live audio/video streams, projection mapping, 3D gaming engines, animation, discrete and interactive sensors, analog and digital electronics to realise stunning original works, both as solo projects and in collaboration with musicians, composers, choreographers, dancers and theatre makers.
The Spaces Within (New World Symphony, Miami) 2018