Godot Online (2020)

Written by Tom Gorman

In March 2020, students from the acting course at Tampere University and the theatre course at Coventry University began a collaboration exploring selections from the text of Samuel Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’.

The plan was, after the two weeks online work, that the participants would gather in Tampere to continue rehearsals and develop the piece for performance in 2021 as part of UK City of Culture which will be hosted that year by Coventry.

Both casts had never met in person – and still haven’t.

Of course, a global pandemic derailed those plans. Finland closed all schools and universities on 16th March and the UK followed suit on the 20th March. The trip did not occur.

This documentary consists of interviews conducted via Zoom, rehearsal footage filmed on iPhones and the final sharing of work between both casts on the last day before both institutions closed due to COVID-19. It shows the work in progress which was still at an embryonic stage. We plan to regroup in March 2021 to continue from where we left off and develop the piece for a final staging in both cities with the addition of green screen and digital scenery. Hopefully, both casts will finally meet and share a drink together to celebrate the completion of the work.

Godot Online 2020 Documentary
Interview with Tampere student Emmi Ranta-Ojala
Interview with Tampere student Miika Suonperä
Interview with Tampere student Lasse Viitamäki 
Interview with Tampere student Vilma Sippola
Interview with with Tampere students Katriina Lilienkampf and Kasperi Kola


 Estragon: Vilma Sippola 

Vladimir: Lucy Bullock

 Estragon: Lasse Viitamäki 

Vladimir: Rebecca Fox

Estragon: Katriina Lilienkampf 

Vladimir: Aaron Patel 

Boy: Kasperi Kola

Estragon: Emmi Ranta-Ojala 

Vladimir: James Hunter

Estragon: Miika Suonperä 

Vladimir: Beth Kiddie

Estragon: Henriikka Heiskanen 

Vladimir: Karo Chranowska

Estragon: Senna Vodzogbe

 Vladimir: Holly Gow

 Estragon: Kristiina Karhu 

Vladimir: Niyi Bello

Estragon: Aino Karlstedt 

Vladimir: Ksenjia Bolsakova Boy: Courtney Baker

Estragon: Eero-Heikki Puustinen 

Vladimir: Ryan Clarke

Estragon: Esme Kaislakari

Vladimir: Tom Westwood