Project leaders: Dr Tom Gorman, Dr Tiina Syrja & Dr Mikko Kanninen

  • Dr Tom Gorman, Senior Lecturer in Theatre, Coventry University.Tom is an academic and theatre director currently based at Coventry University. Tom studied English Literature and Language at Queen’s University Belfast before going on to complete a PhD in Theatre at the University of Ulster researching the history of non-naturalistic dramaturgy especially the concept of the ‘play within a play’. In 1990, after working for some time as a freelance actor, Tom co-founded Sightlines Theatre Company, Belfast, working with them as Artistic Director for six years. During this period he also worked as a freelance actor, writer and director with numerous theatre companies throughout Northern Ireland and as a writer/performer for BBC Radio Ulster. From 1997 onwards he worked as Strand Leader in Drama at the University Of Birmingham, moving on to become Course Director of the  BA Drama Studies degree at Bath Spa University. From 2007 onwards he has been working as Senior Lecturer on the BA Theatre and Professional Practice Degree at Coventry University.
  • Dr Tiina Syrja, Senior Lecturer in Acting, University of Tampere.Tiina Syrjä is a DA (Doctor of Arts in Theatre and Drama), speech therapist, vocologist, yoga teacher and teacher of the Alexander Technique, who is working as a university lecturer in Voice and Speech in the School of Communication, Media and Theatre of Tampere University, Finland. She is also working as an actress and conductor in Tampere Playback Theatre. She has worked with stage voice almost 30 years and has given presentations and workshops in various universities and theatre schools in Finland and also e.g. in Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Her current research interests include Vocal Extremes, (Online) Acting in a Foreign Language and Representations of Female Sexuality in Voice.
  • Dr Mikko Kanninen, Senior Lecturer in Theatre, University of Tampere.Mikko Kanninen is a Senior Lecturer of Acting at The University of Tampere, as well as Artistic Director of Tampere Theatre Festival. Doctor of Arts (Theatre and Drama). Tampere University The School of Communication, Media and Theatre (CMT). (NÄTY) 2012. Master of Arts (Theatre and Drama). Tampere University Department of acting (NÄTY) 1995-1999
  • Jon Constable, School of Media & Performing Arts, Coventry University
  • Samuli Hytonen, University of Tampere
  • Samuli Nordberg, University of Tampere
  • Craig Goddard, Faculty of Arts & Humanities, Coventry University
  • Joff Chafer, School of Media & Performing Arts, Coventry University
  • Dr Daniel Villar-Onrubia, Principal Project Lead at Disruptive Media Learning Lab, Coventry University.


Coventry University

  • Coriolanus Online: Rachael Hobbs, Carmen Comes, Jose Figueroa, Lydia Brickland, Peri Morelle.
  • Coriolanus Online + King Lear Online: Stephanie Ewin, Lauren Kent, Coonor Michael Bailey, Steve Arnold, Cheryl Mok, Neena Afua-Nsafoah, Jack Hawker, Ashleigh Francis, Liam Burford-Hothersall, Luke Dawkins, Elliot Sheppard, Eniola Lillian, Jodie Hicks, Zoe North, Shelley Harrington, Amy Middleton, James Acton.

University of Tampere

  • Coriolanus Online: Tatu Sinisalo, Konsta Eemeli, Oliver Kolberg, Elina Saarela, Atte Antikainen, Sara-Maria Heinonen, Marketta Tikkanen, Mikko Kauppila, Saga Sakola, Katarlina Havukainen, Pihla Pohjolainen, Menzo Kircz, Juho Rantonen.
  • King Lear Online: Samuel Kujala, Niklaus Rauten, Miko Jaakkola, Mikkosen Ville, Minea Lang, Arttu Soilumo, Inke Koskinen, Sofia Smeds, Anna Bohm, Santeri Niskanen, Heli Hyttinen, Linnea Leino.