King Lear Online

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A second iteration of the project took place in February 2017 and culminated in a field trip to Tampere in March, where both groups of students (from Coventry and Tampere universities) performed together live.

The work continued to examine Shakespeare’s texts as the students already had some experience in dealing with Shakespearean language and the complexities of blank verse. The text chosen for this second stage was King Lear and we explored both a large ‘public’ scene and more intimate sections from the text in order to examine how this pedagogy enables rehearsal work in these differing circumstances. This second version aimed to refine both the technology and the teaching developed during the initial instalment of the project: Coriolanus Online. Work continued on developing both spaces to give the illusion of one single, unified rehearsal room. Placement of cameras and projection techniques was central to improving the performer experience, but we wanted to keep the equipment used both affordable and user-friendly so that it can be accessible to a wide variety of user groups.






Top image: Lear and Cordelia in Prison circa 1779 William Blake 1757-1827 Bequeathed by Miss Alice G.E. Carthew 1940